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About Us

We are a Collaborative Team of Architects, Designers and Engineers driven by the desire to produce creative, novel and functional spatial design solutions that deliver value and enriched user experience.

Our practice is steered by a customer-centric approach that is underpinned by our Pillars:

+  Collaborative Platform

We leverage collaboration to break down silos, encourage knowledge sharing, and foster a culture of open dialogue and collective problem-solving, promoting transparency and trust. We work together more efficiently, harnessing each other's strengths, and generating synergistic outcomes that would be difficult to achieve in isolation.

+   Space-as-an-Experience

We take clients on a journey to create (spatial) experiences rather than just new habitats or projects.

+  Technology-as-a-Channel

We are technology driven. We design with data using generative and computational methods that focus on the generation, processing, and analysis of project and customer-specific data for the purpose of optimizing important design decisions.

+  Innovation-as-a-Service

We use design research, tools, mediums and methodologies to improve client experiences, engagement and design process efficiency.


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